Join us to experience the healing environment and abundance of nature to rest, relax, restore and rejuvenate mind, body and soul.

In the world we live in we are speeding through complicated lives faced with challenges and choices with no time to deal with experiences and feelings.  Many people could use a day or more to rest, regroup, reassess and refocus, Covid-19 presented us with a virus that not only challenged our health systems, but impacted all of us – mind, body and soul.

guided, structured retreat with a specific theme will offer exercises or questions for processing life experiences or relationships or personal growth at a time of transformation in one’s life.  Time is available for individual processing as well as group work where participants are encouraged and inspired by the thoughts and experiences of others.

directed retreat in which there is more solitude and a daily individual psychotherapy session, is suitable for individuals in need, especially after trauma (an area in which Lieschen is specifically trained as a psychologist, psychotherapist and Somatic Experience Practitioner).  The caring can be extended to include work with a professional body worker if applicable and available.

You can also simply spend some unstructured retreat time as an individual or family, enjoying nature, nutrition, exercise, sunlight, air and rest.

We need to ponder, to realize, to learn, to listen to our deeper, truer self.  That is what retreats offer us – time and space.  It can be a time of insight and renewal, and if nothing else, rest.

Retreats offer a time to learn the sound of your own soul, tap into the wisdom you have within and to listen to the precious voice of the One who knows you.

Blue Lily Retreat accommodates group retreats as a retreat destination. Facilitators can contact us to discuss your retreat needs and price structures.

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