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Klein Karoo 2

Scenes from the Klein Karoo 2 movie (released in 2021) were shot on the farm & in the Blue Lily Farmhouse. Frans, a thirty-eight-year-old documentary director, is forced to take a step back and reevaluate his life after he was unexpectedly left in front of the altar for the second time….
Blog, Blue Lily Retreat

Retreat Destination

Blue Lily Retreat is a retreat destination for individual unstructured retreats, retreats for individual or family recovery from unsettling life events or trauma or structured group retreats with specific themes.
Blog, Blue Lily Retreat

Time & Space

We need to ponder, to realize, to learn, to listen to our deeper, truer self.  That is what retreats offer us – time and space.  It can be a time of insight and renewal, and if nothing else, rest.
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The Sound of your own soul

Retreats offer a time to learn the sound of your own soul, tap into the wisdom you have within and to listen to the precious voice of the One who knows you. Lieschen
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The name Agapanthus comes from the Greek Words Agapè (love) and Anthos (flower), therefore literally meaning “flower of love”. Lieschen Lategan
Blog, Blue Lily Retreat


In the world we live in we are speeding through complicated lives faced with challenges and choices with no time to deal with experiences and feelings.  Many people could use a day or more to rest, regroup, reassess and refocus.
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