Klein Karoo 2

Scenes from the Klein Karoo 2 movie (released in 2021) were shot on the farm & in the Blue Lily Farmhouse. Frans, a thirty-eight-year-old documentary director, is forced to take a step back and reevaluate his life after he was unexpectedly left in front of the altar for the second time….

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Retreat Destination

Blue Lily Retreat is a retreat destination for individual unstructured retreats, retreats for individual or family recovery from unsettling life events or trauma or structured group retreats with specific themes.

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Time & Space

We need to ponder, to realize, to learn, to listen to our deeper, truer self.  That is what retreats offer us – time and space.  It can be a time of insight and renewal, and if nothing else, rest.

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The name Agapanthus comes from the Greek Words Agapè (love) and Anthos (flower), therefore literally meaning “flower of love”. Lieschen Lategan

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In the world we live in we are speeding through complicated lives faced with challenges and choices with no time to deal with experiences and feelings.  Many people could use a day or more to rest, regroup, reassess and refocus.

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